Copper Collection

The Rich Glare of copper lights the Ghidini 1961 collection

Metals and metallic finishes (gold, copper, bronze) have been re-discovered, becoming among the most recent trends in contemporary design language.

They populate an aesthetic universe of objects and furniture, which mostly swings from the most nostalgic quotation of past decades, when almost everything was satin finished, to the raw style, which evokes much more remote ages than just some decades. The glossy effect polished metals is just for few. The challenge is to obtain elegance, the result of culture and experience in the production process, without giving up to ostentation, which just complies with the luxury market’s vagaries. Ghidini 1961 has taken up this new challenge. At the Saloni 2016 they had literally dazzled the visitors with their eclectic new design collection signed by Branzi, Campana, Giovannoni, Hutten, Zupanc and Studio Job and declined in brass finish; and now they are already engaged in declining the same collection in polished copper finish. The new copper finish enrich the collection, by giving it a highly decorative effect, without losing the sophisticated and ironic features, which are typical of Ghidini 1961.