GHIDINI1961 goes to Harrods

We are pleased to inform you that since January, GHIDINI1961 has opened a corner shop in London at Harrods, a mise en scène of the company's production, from elegant complements to tables and upholstered furniture.

Inside the niches with large mirrored portals, and brought by the light shelves of Legs, there are the complements and accessories illuminated by the suspension lamps of the various collections. The Legs dining table, in Calacatta Gold marble and glass (designed by Paolo Rizzatto), accompanied by Nika Zupanc's Love Chair, is the focus of the exhibition. At the center of the corner there is a large pillar covered with mirrors, a fundamental multiplier of perspectives. A game of intriguing and fascinating reflections that catches the eye, attracting passers-by.

The arrangement of the pieces has been carefully calibrated to create a recognizable and familiar home effect. The elegant Legs dining area is paired with the slender Katana armchairs (designed by Paolo Rizzatto), in direct dialogue with the Da Vinci tables (designed by Richard Hutten). On the longest wall is the ethereal Legs bookcase, in transparent glass, acting as an exceptional exhibitor for Harrods. Completing the fifth backdrop is the Miami console (design Nika Zupanc) accompanied by its precious Sunset Mirror. The dark background of the walls contrasts and enhances the shine of brass.

The GHIDINI1961 space in London, in a few strokes, sums up the high-end manufacturing of the company, highlights its Italian character, elegant and unique, recognizable in the world. Harrods is a prestigious international window, perfect to show the infinite formal and color variations, such as the rose gold finish.

The great names of design, such as Andrea Branzi, the Campana brothers, Aldo Cibic, Branch Creative, Noah Duchaufour-Lawrence, Elisa Giovannoni, Studio Job, Alessandro Mendini, Tomek Rygalik tell the story of the company here. A unique company under the art direction of Stefano Giovannoni.