Holy Handmade! A Temple of Divine Design from Wallpaper* light up by GHIDINI1961 and Andre Fu Lantern

Wallpaper* Handmade

GHIDINI1961 meets Andre Fu and decides to create a luminous one-off for the Wallpaper* exhibition Holy Handmade! This year’s theme explores the design of worship, spirituality and mindfulness. GHIDINI1961 participates to Wallpaper* exhibition with an unconventional light, an oil wick brass Lantern.

Andre Fu describes the inspiration behind The Lantern: “I’m seeking to embrace the theme with an artisanal approach to a scalable lantern - a sculptural expression to house a simple flame that appears to float on a shallow body of water. The curvature sculpted on the brass profile, with its juxtaposition of four distinct components, expresses a spatial quality beyond its physical presence. For this collaboration, I’ve challenged myself and the GHIDINI1961’s team with the use of highly polished brass cast from a 3-D printed mould.”

GHIDINI1961 manufactures this lantern using different handmade techniques, executed by our most experienced craftsmen. Firstly, we took highest quality brass sheets, using an alloy very rich in copper, to enhance the surfaces’ softness. Due to the extra-large size of the curved sheets, these were bent by hand using traditional tools. Afterwards, the bowls have been welded to the structure, and each surface went through a polishing process executed by hand.

GHIDINI1961 and Andre Fu realizes a perfect match between design and craftsmanship, a luminous sculptural uniqueness.

Wallpaper* Handmade, eighth year edition, is an annual exhibition dedicated to the marriage of fine craftsmanship and contemporary design. It features one-off pieces by designers, artisans, craftsmen and manufacturers, commissioned by Wallpaper* and showcased during Salone del Mobile.