GHIDINI1961 at I Saloni Milano

2019 - April

GHIDINI1961 at I Saloni Milano

Thus GHIDINI1961 at the Salone del Mobile. Milano celebrates the excellence of tradition and of the savoire-faire that have become identities of the brand. With over 50 years of history, and an entrepreneurial wisdom that has been handed down from father to son, GHIDINI1961 presents furnishings, lamps and accessories that combine technology, care for materials, aesthetics and attention to detail.

From the processing of a material that is as precious as it is difficult to handle, such as brass, today we have come to the realization of very complex solutions such as the Frame sofa by Stefano Giovannoni. In the three-way joint, a key element of the project, there is all the knowledge of a high manufacturing company.

Pieces, those of GHIDINI1961, some that already became iconic, destined to go beyond borders of art and design, to establish with its audience a joined view that translates into a loyal and lasting relationship, just like for artistic artefacts.

This to demonstrate how the reliability and quality of a brand can become a warranty of an investment capable of acquiring value over time.

A product where human contribution is an undisputed value to allow the creation of fully bespoke solutions. Like high end craftsmanship, where every piece is unique and has a real value.