GHIDINI1961: a new collection of brass designs curated by stefano giovannoni

ghidini 1961 – a new collection of brass designs curated by stefano giovannoni

in the province of brescia, italy one finds the unparalleled italian manufacturing excellence of ghidini bosco. a company that specializes in die casting brass, aluminium and zamak, ghidini bosco excells at combining advanced technologies with a passion for fine craftsmanship, applying their expertise to a range of products. for more than 50 years, ghidini bosco has been working with the best designers, architects and industry professionals to manufacture classic and contemporary pieces, as well as carry out custom projects. with all aspects of production taking place in-house at villa carcina, it has become known for its particular attention to detail throughout the entire production process — from concept phase to realization. it is these qualities that form the basis of ghidini 1961 — a new design brand that has been formed under the art direction of stefano giovannoni, who has brought together a group of diverse creatives to consider the properties of brass, a material often disregarded by the contemporary design industry, through new and innovative contemporary designs for mass consumption.