Let's Talk, Stefano Giovannoni

He designed and still designs “what people will use” as he lives and breathes this simple philosophy which grants him his own school of thought in the world of design.
A force of nature, a visionary designer, a multi-dimensional creative with grounded perspective and contemporary neo-minimalistic approach. 
Born in La Spezia, he graduated at the age of 23 from the University of Florence, specializing in Architecture and collaborated with many great names such as Ettore Sottsass and Alchimia-Mendini, to mention a few. He is a believer in sharing knowledge, and he held several teaching positions at top design, art and architecture institutions. 
Giovannoni, has a most versatile portfolio that truly resembles his earned nickname as “The Most Bankable” designer in this day and age. His fingerprints appear in the worlds of industrial design, architecture and interior design, with families of products varying from kitchenware to furniture to appliances and devices. 
He designed several families of products for GHIDINI1961 including the Frame family of sofas, tables and cabinets as well as the Omini collection to mention a few. 
He believes in the power of research and the expanded role of a designer that stretches far beyond just envisioning a product or a piece of art, and in his own words he describes the responsibility that lies in the hands of the designers to design, produce and introduce usable products and liveable art. 
“It’s my job to think about how a product will be received in the marketplace, that is something I take very seriously.”
Having found his match in the GHIDINI1961 vision, he formed a team of super designer who helped him harness his rebellious attitude that has a rule to “break the rules” and found solace in reviving the royalty of brass through the craftsmanship of GHIDINI1961; bringing brass to the forefront of the most trending materials to work with inspiring new contemporary finishes into its DNA. 
In a world of many designers, Giovannoni is a futurist who sets trends and dictates the future of present-day design. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass Design for Life 
* https://www.hermanmiller.com/designers/giovannoni/