The Company

Ghidini Bosco of Villa Carcina, in the province of Brescia, belongs to Italy’s manufacturing excellence, thanks to their unparalleled manufacturing skills.
A specialist in die casting brass, aluminium and zamak, the company excels in combining advanced technologies and rapid prototyping with traditional craft skills. Their catalogue includes thousands of products, ranging from lighting fixtures to furnishing items, decorative items and handles. Since over 50 years the company has established close ties with international architects and designers to develop custom products and create classical and contemporary art items.
The entire production cycle takes place in-house and is characterised by a meticulous attention to detail: from the idea to the end product, passing through the various processing stages – from pressure die casting to lost wax and gravity casting, from machining to drilling, from satin-finishing to sand-blasting and polishing. These are the solid foundations of Ghidini 1961, a new design brand created in 2016 under the art direction of Stefano Giovannoni, who has put together a diversified creative team able to enhance the properties of brass, a valued material which features golden tones and reflections, pleasant to the touch for its warm and velvety surface, and so far unjustly disregarded by contemporary design.
Being aware of the corporate potential, the creative team, which is skilfully led by Giovannoni, has developed a remarkable collection of items of furniture and accessories for daily use, which are characterised by innovative design, smoothed by classical and playful shades, consistent with the nature of brass. In this way, brass makes its debut in contemporary design, with ennobled rigour. The collection comprises works of art, where brass acquires an almost sculptural power, finely chiselled table accessories, bearing witness to Ghidini’s obsession for details.

Cristina Morozzi