Milan Design Week 2018

2018 - April

Milan Design Week 2018

Big historical names and new generations are confronted with the plastic versatility of the metal and the endless reflecting possibilities of brass.

From a vase to an armchair, from a console to a dining table, each room has its own sparkling object.

GHIDINI1961 is a talent scout of young promises of contemporary design, attentive to contaminations with different, heterogeneous cultures.

2018 marks the passage of a larger scale for the company, from tableware and accessories to living spaces.

New pieces characterized by the combination of brass and fabric will be presented and defined by a great formal freedom.

The continuous search for unpublished stories has led GHIDINI1961 to become a reference for the processing of brass at large, in all its declinations, expressing its vocation into the furniture, lamps and accessories that will be presented at Palazzo Visconti.