Salone del Mobile 2023 - The Bedroom and more

2023 - Aprile

Salone del Mobile 2023 - The Bedroom and more

This year, at Salone del Mobile, we chose to complete our collections by defining what a bedroom should look like, while reclaiming our metal-inspired core to form new possibilities for what an elegant space should look like.


We engaged Stefano Giovannoni and Lorenza Bozzoli to expand some of their iconic families of products into the bedroom.

Stefano decided to take his Frame concept to design two types of Frame beds out of which one is a 4-poster masterpiece of a bed frame. Giovannoni did not stop at that, he decided to Frame the whole boudoir with a bureau/dresser and night stands to complete the experience. The extension of the Frame family of products was designed to make a statement by Giovannoni. He wanted it to still create minimal, modern and refined metal structures adorned with detailed accents for such a personal space that still hinged on the “Frame Joint” with its elegant rounded 45 degrees extrusions. 


Lorenza Bozzoli on the other hand chose two of her favourite creations, The Abbracci and The Tarantino to conquer the bedroom. The Abbracci with its curvaceous, romantic twists was reimagined to create a bed frame out of a dream. She simply wanted it to stand alone and fill the room with the warmth of a hug.


Lorenza’s second bedroom creation swayed towards the Tarantino family, where the retro magic of the seventies was brought into the bedroom with bold and vibrant colours and the strength of a unique metal base that flaunts contemporary elegance and design depth. In the case of the Tarantino, she chose to accent the bedroom further with a bureau/dresser and night stands to complete the look and overtake the dreamy space into a different realm. 


Our American design partners, Branch Creative designed our new chair, Fabbrica. Josh and Nick decided to imagine a chair that might appear to be deceptively simple in its form but when engineered to life by our artisans it is nothing but. The Fabbrica chair, with its classic chair silhouette, carries a frame that is constructed of a single metal casting on two sides which emphasizes the simple I-beam structure with minimal weight. 


In addition to the Fabbrica Chair, Branch Creative paraded its phenomenal track record of designing avant-garde lighting pieces, by designing the Helios Lamp for our collection this year.  The Helios is supported on a simple stand and base that balances a magical, semi-translucent, conic glass shade on top of a small glowing sphere which can be angled and pivoted in any direction allowing for a large range of versatility. 


Richard Hutton, took an unusual path creating the Alfred and Hillary Barstools that are named after famous butlers in superhero movies. Hillary is named after the butler of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, and Alfred, is named after the butler in Batman. Detailed in chromed aluminum and accented with premium fabrics and leathers the barstools are meant to inject a Hollywood charm into any space it lives within. 


Hutton also toyed with a concept of new rug that he named The Plumose as it exudes softness and warmth with its sophisticated color palette and its furry long yarns that make you want to lay on it forever. 


Paulo Rizzatto decided to come back with a twist, his discrete but determined Liu chair and armchair and the Arnold side tables. Rizzatto decided to give the Liu family of dining chairs a more traditional look but with an angle that hinges on the actual production of the chair itself that is created of three casting molds of the legs, seat and backrest coming together to form a freely moving and outspoken chair that can adorn any dining table or space with its presence. 


Rizzatto also made sure he completes his return with a pair of the discrete but comfy Arnold side-tables. This side table duet is born from a combo of three elements (A top, a column and a truncated cone base) created out of metal, wood and marble and designed to fit into any corner of your living space with elegance and ease. 


Lorenza Bozzoli reimagined her iconic round and rectangular Ottantas as coffee tables flaunting the premium woods and marbles we curate and the celebrated angled metal accents that give the tables their panache. 


All this and more was a part of the GHIDINI1961 experience  at Salone del Mobile this year.

See you in 2024...