Living Is In The Details

Do you ever wonder why we are so passionate about details?
The answer is rather simple. 
We view GHIDINI1961 as not only a lifestyle brand, but a full experience by itself. 
Experiences are all about the intricate aspects they provide and the delight they bring. 
Yes, you read that right, we view our creation process as a full cycle that should bring you joy,  as it is created with and through joy. 
For us, all the thrill that we aspire to share with you started with the simple decision of creating liveable art. 
Partnering with our legendary Creative Director, Stefano Giovannoni, and curating a team of prominent designers who express their creativity and values through our heritage of detailed craftsmanship and industrial excellence, we were successful in infusing all this energy into creating functional art, in the form of furniture and home accents. 
Our choice of material is another element that sets us apart in the “Joie-De-Vivre” space. 
We tame precious metals, specifically brass, at this stage, to create numerous contemporary finishes that breathe life into each piece. We pair every creation with other astounding noble material to keep our creations playful and unique. 
Brass plays an integral role to how we bring joy around us, when we model with brass we play with an infinitely sustainable and reusable element that pays respect to our environment.  
We are on this adventure with you, the more bliss we can project into your life through our liveable art pieces the more successful we will be in achieving our mission of delivering the Joie-De-Vivre right into your home and space. 
Fall for the details, be a part of the details and bring the joy of details to your life with GHIDINI1961.