Evolving Brass – From antique to contemporary

an alloy woven since antiquity from variant scales of zinc and copper; brass interlaced itself with each and every eon of our existence in distinct functional and creative ways.  
This ageless metal is as versatile as it is sustainable and recyclable which contributed to its appearance in our lives since as early as Neolithic times. 1
The Greeks referred to brass as 'Oreichalcos' and the romans called it 'Aurichalum. They used it to create helmets and ornamental jewelry, as well as its use in homeware and cutlery not only in ancient Rome, but also in Asia. 2  
Although several forms of brass were known since pre-historic time, and it is a metal which has been popular in the home for centuries; brass as we know it today has only been utilized to its full potential in the past few years.
Furniture of the Federal Period favoured heavier and more massive forms of brass trim elements. 3 This reflected heavily on a considerable brass trend in the seventies, which died out pretty soon after the world was introduced to simpler and supposedly more “futuristic” material.  
In the past few years, some of the top designers of the world have been rediscovering the potential for brass, and not just a s a passing trend, but also as a contemporary staple element within the design and space décor industries. 
The flexibility of mixing and matching brass with other material such as marble, wood and leather has been a key factor to assigning it its own ranking in the world of creativity. 
The warm tinge of brass adds a multi-dimensional perspective and injects character into any room with its spontaneous appeal and retro lure. 
The renaissance of brass in the past few years hinged on the ability of its creators to perfect it through superior craftsmanship taming it into many forms and breathing new possibilities into its existence. 
As a lead artisan in the world of brass, GHIDINI1961, is collaborating with world-renowned designers to highlight the metal as a key décor element and taming brass itself to allow it to live to its full potential. 
Our projections for it are timeless as we re-introduce it to the world of design in numerous formats and for many years to come. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass Design for Life
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