Living Brass – Your GHIDINI1961 Product Personality Guide.

Each GHIDINI1961 creation is a living piece of art and in the coming few weeks we will pick the personalities of some of our pieces to highlight and celebrate. 
Stefano Giovannoni’s Frame Sofa:
The Frame Sofa is minimalist by nature but with a character that overtakes time and space. The Frame Sofa is a pragmatic piece that positively impacts every space it touches with its curves and redefines freedom of form as we know it. 
This sofa is rebellious with an abundantly romantic side and it possesses the ability to shift character in every space it chooses to be in. This shift in character is anything but moody as it’s grounded in a uniquely architected character that brings comfort to all those around it. 
Andrea Branzi’s Porto:
⁠The Porto consolle is all about confidence and illumination. Its build is a perfect reflection of its proud character that combines upholding tradition and striving for the future. The Porto is exotic in appearance yet practical at heart. It combines an earthly grounded soul and a heavenly airy flare. 
This consolle has a commanding character that determines the mood in the room by its mere presence. It’s usually the center of attention and conversation starter in any space or environment. 
Richard Hutten’s Single Butterfly:
As butterflies represent the epitome of metamorphosis, this Single Butterfly coast rack is all about individualism and solitary existence. An introverted piece by nature with huge potential when it spread its wings and finds its place on a wall. The Single Butterfly is a quiet and humble butterfly on the wall that oozes with charisma and panache once it spreads its wings. 
This coat is balanced, stable, and surprising as it navigates its wings through changing trends and evolving spaces. 
Paolo Rizzatto’s Sphere Suspension Lamp:
This lamp is all about redefining balance as an individual expression and choice. 
Unlike our random universe, the Sphere Suspension Lamp perfected the structures of free-falling spheres to allow for each orb to determine its own fate in relation to gravity and in conjunction with its space. 
This lamp is extroverted, moody, young at heart with an old, wise soul that demands to be the centre of attention in any room it’s in. 
Which of those pieces resonates with your character? 
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