Uplift Your 2020 Mood with GHIDINI1961’s New Collection

Although we will not share the collection in this article, but we thought we’d give you a taste of the ultramodern direction and the unique material that we have been working with for months.
Under the direction of Stefano Giovannoni, we will continue to create contemporary furniture that ignites the world of design with novelty and passion.  
A fresh perspective is being added to the equation as we build our design team up with phenomenal names such as the amazing Lorenza Bozzoli, and the addition of new seating, lighting, cabinets and table collections. 
This year, we promise that you will experience GHIDINI1961 in a whole new light as we have been flirting with new marbles, woods, leather and fabrics and experimenting with curves and structures that you’ve not seen before. 
Are you ready for it? 
Enjoy this quick selected preview of our mood boards as we continue to reveal the details in the coming weeks.  
GHIDINI1961 – Brass & Design for Life