GHIDINI1961 Heritage Fuels The Future of Design

Walking amidst the glory of thousands of years of art, architecture and craftsmanship, GHIDINI1961 has a huge legacy to live up to in each area of creativity and design by virtue of its hometown location. 
From I Magli di Sarezzo Museum (Forge Museum) that flaunts the centuries-old craftsmanship of iron forgers to Santa Giulia Museum, and several UNESCO world heritage sites, Brescia provides rich exploration grounds for medieval cloisters and more than 11,000 works of art. 
This heritage that was passed-on to us, combined with our ability to distill everything we have learned from our ancestors over the centuries are the corner stones for our pride in our craftsmanship and aspiration to redefine contemporary liveable art. 
The passion that fuels our world-class designers is inspired not only by the rich heritage that we have inherited but also our ability to channel this heritage into contemporary design concepts that flaunt and celebrate the intricate craftsmanship that we are famous for as Brescians. 
Art that lives on, is what Brescia is all about. It lives on in the streets, the villas, the piazzas, the walls and the museums, and we, at GHIDINI1961 are entrusted with expanding its worldly reach by creating fascinating liveable art pieces that are crafted through Brescia’s history of creation and craftsmanship. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.