Defining Luxury

In a world that operates in the grey, we see our positioning as a premium brand in black and white; and this is why…


In our GHIDINI1961 world, we define the concept of producing high-end liveable art in three ways: Cutting-edge design, impeccable craftsmanship, and flawless attention to detail.


Curating the magic of some of the best names in the design world is not an easy feat and inspiring their affinity to create the most innovative pieces for GHIDINI1961 is an even bigger task, but we do it really well.


When our designers see the possibilities of taming various metals to create flawless pieces of furniture that not only resemble the craft, but also stand as a testament to the challenge of perfecting that craft and innovating collections for every space we live or work in.


Our formula to creating some of the most luxurious sofas, tables and lighting pieces is the unique level of exchanged inspiration between the designer and the craftsman that brings that piece to life.


That level of mutual inspiration stems from an endeavour to utilize some of the best furniture creating material in the world.


Each piece we create combines elements of the most innovative artistic trends backed up by our advanced technologies and rapid prototyping capabilities to engineer each piece of furniture to perfection.


To top it all up, we go to great lengths to acquire the latest and greatest fabrics, in cotton, linen, Jacquard and velvet, as well as top-notch variations of Nubuck, and Nappa leathers, adding to that the exceptional marbles and woods that we procure from some of the best providers in the world.


At GHIDINI1961, details of our products surface with every emotion evoked when you sit on one of our chairs or lounge on one of our sofas. It’s the pride you feel when your marbled table crowns your dining room, or your leather Ottoman adds comfort in the living room or even that peaceful glow from one of our table lamps lighting up your bedroom.


In the world of GHIDINI1961, every detail counts, every stitch, curve, and feather.


GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life