GHIDINI1961 Design Squad

Building a world-class design squad to take the contemporary design world by surprise was the very first step we took to realize the concept of GHIDINI1961.


Starting with a visionary like Stefano Giovannoni as our Art Director, the curation of this team required the squad to be out of the ordinary, courageous, bold and quite the design disruptors.


Why, you might ask?


The world of premium furniture design brands has been too comfortable and somewhat avoided the process of disruption that other fast-moving industries experienced.


This is exactly why we needed a design team that is not afraid to experiment with metal-inspired creation, invent unprecedented trends, and bring art pieces to life.


Those trend setters wanted in on our vision and wanted to make it happen!


They come from various parts of the world but are all inspired by the depth of Italian interior design and the potential of what a superb level of craftsmanship can bring to life.


They might not share a similar style, and each of them brings a unique splendour to the table, but they all agree on the fact that they are architectural innovators and avant-gardist  artists who exist to disrupt the rules to create a refreshed perspective in the world of furniture, interior and industrial design.


And with 4 amazing women designers on our team, we totally bring a breath of fresh air to a male dominated industrial design realm.


Meet our designers, learn more about their journeys and enjoy reading their about their design philosophyat this link:



GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life