Bookshelves Are Not Just For Libraries…

Be it in our homes or offices, bookshelves encompass so much of our daily life. 
They carry our treasures, memories and knowledge and they organize our space by turning walls into showcases of love, joy enchantment and legacy. 
They might be understated pieces of furniture but at GHIDINI1961 we ensure that they are designed and built to be masterpieces of liveable art. 
Curating a line of bookshelves that demonstrates GHIDINI1961’s contemporary innovation as well as our craftsmanship excellence is evident in every shelf we create, giving each piece a character and uniqueness that expands beyond its functionality as an organizational solution. 
Let’s take Stefano Giovannoni’s Frame shelf , for example, where the epitome of the design is focused on the "the joint"; a simple element when combined with elegant rounded 45 degrees extrusions, creates almost infinite possibilities for customization with different material such as glass, wood and marble. The Frame family of shelves is characterized by organic junctions, minimal structures and compact but powerful configurations.
Our design philosophy that combines classical lines with contemporary innovation is so apparent in Paolo Rizzatto’s Legs bookshelves. Rizzatto utilizes the use of precious finishes demonstrated in polished brass to allow the column to flow infinitely into angular glass, marble and wooden ledges. 
A unique combination of classical architectural possibilities, uniformity of refined elegance and cotemporary functionality are trademarks of the GHIDINI1961 shelves that are created to fit our 21st century luxury living. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life