The Power of Creation

They say there’s a direct connection between what your thoughts and your reality. 
They call this process manifestation. 
We say there’s a direct connection between design and creation, and we call it craftsmanship. 
At the core of craftsmanship lies the GHIDINI1961 creative spirit. 
It’s one thing to put together a beautiful piece of your imagination on paper but it’s totally a different challenge to engineer every curve, junction and corner to breath life into that piece of your imagination. 
Choosing the right shades of nubuck leather to bring the warmth of a hug to the Abbracci sofa; picking the right share of burnished brass for the bold cabinet, finalizing the right grain of marble for the frame table, or even adding that final touch of anti-stain polishing and coating so you can enjoy your GHIDINI1961 furniture without hassle is exactly what we mean when we talk about craftsmanship. 
For us, it’s not just about decades of skill and artistry, it’s about bringing things to life. It’s about creating an experience that manifests our values every step of the way. And for that we create, engineer and make the most beautiful furniture to adorn every corner in your living space. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life