Your Holiday Gifting Guide for Christmas 2020 by GHIDINI1961

Christmas is a magical time of the year that only gets better when gifts are given, shared and exchanged and we are here to help you make it special…
For this holiday season, we’ve curated a list of our top GHIDINI1961 gift ideas that will not only impress but also leave an everlasting trail of joy for 2021.  
Art Pieces
The Jackfruit Vase
Our favourite vase of all!
Designed by the Campana Brothers in a limited edition, is an exclusive object of art that inspires every space through its variation of a single-block hand casted bronze or its mix of brass and wood. Its likeness to the native Brazilian jackfruit adds magic and depth to its presence and aura. 
The Jackfruit Vase can be ordered HERE.
The Kaleidos Lamp
Another stunning design from the Campana Brothers that doubles as a lustrous wall light as well as a mirror. The Kaleidos is composed of six mirror blades. The base and gilded mirrors create a kaleidoscope of golden tones and reflections.
The Kaleidos Lamp comes in two sizes, large and small, and can be ordered HERE.
The One on One Table Lamp
A lamp that stirs intimacy as it’s lit from the inside out. 
Composed by Branch Creative with two blown glass elements, with the lower being metalized and housing an internal glass cylinder to give a holographic effect to the light source while the upper frosted glass provides momentous brightness.
The One on One Lamp can be purchased at our Online Store.
The Flamingo Table Lamp
A constant reminder of warmer weather and elegance, the Flamingo Table Lamp shines its vibrant stream of light to brighten up even the coldest of corners. 
Its adjustable self-standing steel, resembling the glorious flamingo, is a constant reminder for us to travel to all the warm spots of the world even if we are lounging in the comfort of our own homes. 
The One on One Lamp can be purchased at our Online Store.
The Single Butterfly Coatrack
Dainty, present and functional. That’s what The Single Butterfly Coatrack is all about.
Designed for GHIDINI1961 by Richard Hutten to be both playful and elegant exuding a new wall embellishment philosophy that is both imaginative and practical. 
The Single Butterfly Coatrack can be purchased at our Online Store.
The Portrait with Birdie Mirror
This beautiful mirror is a living testament of self-love combined with love for mother nature. 
Inspired by Elisa Giovannoni to depict the classic Renaissance monofora in all its poetic simplicity and playful depth.  
The Portrait with Birdie Mirror can be purchased at our Online Store.
Home Accessories  
The Flirt Collection
This collection of chalice-inspired pieces truly live up to their name. 
Designed by Noè Duchaufour-Lawrence the three pieces in this family can be reversed to offer different functions and a bigger range of use. A fruit bowl can become a vase, a smaller vase can turn into a larger vase or a champagne bucket. Shapes are literally flirting together and extending the possibility of brass-inspired romance. 
The Flirt Collection can be purchased at our Online Store.
The Knotted Cherry
Sinful, tempting and entangling.
The Knotted Cherry is an exquisite box to keep your most valuable objects within.
Designed by Nika Zupanc, this emotionally charged piece pampers your valuables with a vow of secrecy and mystery. 
The Knotted Cherry can be purchased at our Online Store.
Our quick glimpse of what GHIDINI1961 has to offer in Christmas gifting ideas has barely scratched the surface of what we have to offer. Explore more at our Online Store. 
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