Engineering Creativity

Every piece of furniture we build for our various collections goes through a rigorous process of engineering that includes material, structures and final execution and polishing. 
Take the Abbracci Collection, the curved structure of this collection is crowned by a brass metal tube at the base, that compliments the perfect measurements of the backrest to provide not only its unique shape but also utmost comfort and functionality. This is the result of our detailed engineering of the base that is forged from a brass plated aluminum bended round tube while the internal structure with metal supports the rest of its frame. 
The sofa, armchair and ottoman are made of Italian aluminum, bent in-house at Ghidini1961, polished manually, and lacquered with a transparent finish to guarantee its long-lasting durability.
The Bold Collection on the other hand makes an audacious architectural statement with its generous cylindrical foot, and distinctive metal rim that supports the seats, the tables, the cabinets to graphically encompass the material with which they are made.
The tables in this collection have the marble tabletop matching with the legs in turned marble, while the massive dimensions of the sofa, armchair and cabinets enhance the sculptural distinction and personality of this family of products. 
The Bold castings are made with die casted aluminum on the angular elements and extruded aluminum for the supporting structure on the perimeter. 
It’s not only our larger products that enjoy the excellence of our engineering abilities, each of our products gets the same level of attention. Take for example the One on One Lamp; which is composed of two blown glass elements, with the lower being metalized and housing an internal glass cylinder to give a sculptural effect to the light source. This gives this table lamp the unique ability to light up different sections of its body impacting the overall ambience it lives within.
We engineer perfection to ensure you experience it every time you lounge on one of our sofas, dine at one of our tables, use any of our cabinets, lights or accessories. 
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