Side Tables – The Heart of Your Space

Side tables are some of the most understated pieces of furniture, yet they play an integral role in completing any room both in style and functionality. 
One of the main elements we focus on at GHIDINI1961 is the side table. We truly believe it should never be an afterthought in the way you set your space. 
It’s an important piece of furniture that adds a lot of value to your lounging space and should definitely be carefully harmonized with your sofas, armchairs and main coffee table. 
Take Stefano Giovannoni’s Flower Coffee Tables that come in three sizes and are designed to be pushed together and partially overlap, instead of being used singularly. 
Richard Hutten’s Opera Coffee Tables are a great example of how we combine elegant simplicity with utmost functionality. 
While Alessandro Mendini’s Ninfee Coffee Tables takes such a detour from simplicity to add such drama with their resemblance of large flat water lily leaves, they were still created to be practical in any space they occupy.
Whatever role your side table plays in your ambience, we always have the one that will leave a contemporary impact on your space.
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