A Step-by-Step Guide to Customizing Your Frame Sofa?

At GHIDINI1961, we understand the need for customization because we believe in individuality. 
Our creations are an expansion of the imagination of our designers and craftsmen, but that does not mean that you cannot make it your own. 
Our wide selections of metals finishes, as well as variety of the latest and greatest marbles, woods, fabrics and leathers make the customization process exciting and novel. 
Let’s look at this quick guide to make the Frame Sofa totally your own.
First – Pick your frame
Are you looking for the classical golden shine of brass, or are you going to start with the toned-down contemporary burnished brass to start with? 
Depending on your space and style, you can pick from a variety of finishes in Polished Brass, 
Satin Brass, Light Burnished Brass, Brown Burnished Brass, Dark Burnished Brass or Black Gold. 
Second – Pick your fabric or leather
Fabric or leather? It’s totally up to you!
You can also mix both as you create your sofa. 
Add to that, our endless selection of colours and textures will make your customization a real adventure.
Third – Pick your Cuoio leather 
This is a very importnat step in making the Frame Sofa your own. 
The sturdy Cuoio leather on the side of your sofa, armchair or sectional adds an importnat piece of individuality. 
Pick from numerous colours that range from earthy naturals to vibrant reds.
Fourth – Pick your base structure
Are you looking for a classical 3-seater or an edgy 2-seater, or maybe a love seat or chaise longue or any other type of sectional sofa, you can for sure create it here. 
Just pick your structure and let us do the rest. 
This guide is not only a guide to customize your Frame Sofa, almost any piece of furniture that we create can be tailored to your needs, styled to harmonize with your space and shaped to fit your ambience. 
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