Suspension Lights – More than an accessory

We all know the importance of lighting in completing the charm of any ambience and suspension lights have a particular prominence in the lighting formula due to their positioning in adorning ceilings, which happens to be a very challenging space to decorate. 
Ceiling lights or suspension lights, however you describe them, are staple home décor elements that play an ornamental and a functional role in any space. 
Beauty and practicality are a part of the formula we use when we create any suspension lamp at GHIDINI1961. 
Our contemporary approach in designing those lamps is a mixture of our passion in working with royal metals, as well as our ability to shape unique designs into reality through decades of craftsmanship along with our ability to innovate classic designs into edgy and futuristic pieces. 
Meet our collections of suspension lamps and expect a lot more to come as we grow our lighting assemblage. 
Dusk Dawn by Branch Creative 
Factory Lamp by Elisa Giovannoni
Indi-Pendant Lamps by Richard Hutten 
Sfere Suspension Lamps by Paolo Rizzatto 
Whatever your space is, there’s always a GHIDINI1961 ceiling lamp that will complete it. 
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