GHIDINI1961 is in The Details

marble top cabinet
The elegance of the Zuan Living Cabinet is not coincidental. It is naturally the outcome of the creative abilities of the great Paolo Rizzatto and the ability of our craftsmen to bring it to life. 
But the real charm is in the details of every angle and curve of this cabinet. 
The essential lines of Japanese flavour gilded in the slim metal legs is but the start of this liveable art experience. 
The Zuan Living Cabinet kept the GHIDINI1961 promise of balancing the utmost beauty of a classical design and the brutal functionality of a contemporary piece of furniture. 
The Zuan is recognizable by the detail of the metallic support, a quarter of a circle with great aesthetic and functionality, which defines the character of the storage unit.
The central compartment has brass shelves, and the top of the cabinet is made of premium marble while the insides of the storage compartments are lined with premium leather. 
Every single Zuan combines three materials in a variable and versatile way: brass, wood and marble. The brass for the support frames and partition walls, the wood for the containers and the marble for the support surfaces.
Now that’s what we call, being meticulously detail oriented. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life