GHIDINI1961 – The Magic Behind the Name

The significance of the number 1961 our brand goes beyond its aesthetics. 
It was an important year for the GHIDINI family as a decision was made to pursue a business and craft that was destined for greatness. 
The charm in the name is backed by important values that GHIDINI1961 lives by:
The importance of our town and community 
The importance of our craft and craftsmen 
The harmony created between the design team and the team that realizes the vision of the creatives
The definition of our positioning as a premium brand goes beyond anything that we’ve encountered in the world of luxury. We truly believe it’s our job to innovate, futurize and functionalize our industry. We believe in cutting edge creativity, we celebrate the contemporary, and we make superior craftsmanship our focus.
We are avid fans of the customization of the liveable art pieces that we create because the space you want to decorate should have your vision realized through our creations. 
Our firm stance on growing our collection constantly based, not only on, the latest lines and trends but also the needs and visions of our customers and clients is something we are very proud of. 
In a few weeks, we will be launching more magic as we further expand our collection of Sofas, sectionals, tables, armchairs, cabinets, shelves and lighting. 
We want you to expect more from us because we challenge ourselves every single day to live up to our brand promise to you. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life