Dining Is An Experience

Fine dining is not only about exquisite food, exceptional flavours and celebrity chefs. 
A big part of it is the ambience you dine in, the warmth and excitement of the space and the dining furniture and accessories that come with that experience. 
As we take dining-at-home to a different level in this new normal, we see a growing trend that elevates dining tables and chairs to a new revered level, due to its importance in creating an element of refinement in our lives as we crave for our social lives to get back to normal. 
On this front, GHIDINI1961 is taking dining to a whole new realm.
The huge expansion of our dining collection allowed us to include new dining tables, chairs and cabinets to the great collection we already have. We scaled our 2020-collection to include marvelous new marbles, exceptional woods, creative fabrics, high-end leather and modern metal finishes that add a new twist to the definition of contemporary design. 
Whether you’re looking for a kitchen table, a family dining table or a grand table, you will for sure find what you’re looking for in one of our table families. The Bold, with its marble grandeur, the frame with its complex simplicity, the Branch with its playfulness or the botany with its mid-century charm. 
Complementing your dining table with the right choice of chair is no easy feat, and for that we’ve created the Bold leather armchair, refreshed the katana armchair with new colours and leathers and reimagined the coast chair with new covers and burnished brass finishes. 
To complete your dining ambience at home, we’ve added several dining cabinets to the style formula. Whether you go for the Bold dining cabinets with their die-casted metal structure, wood veneered containers and leather interior shelving, or you choose the timeless classical expressions of the Zuan cabinets, you can never go wrong with completing the experience with any of those dining cabinets. 
The cherry on the top of all this luxury, is the names behind every piece of art we create and the craftsmanship that we, at GHIDINI1961 are proud of. 
From Stefano & Elisa Giovannoni, to Paolo Rizzatto, to Branch Creative, and TOMEK RYGALIK, our team of designers knows no limits and spares no effort to build on their experience and creativity to bring the very best in style, innovation and craftsmanship right to the heart of your home. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.