Create a Warm Ambience with GHIDINI1961

In the world of GHIDINI1961, luxury does not need to be cold and rigid, it’s rather warm and gentle. 
Refinement is an amiable experience, and today we will share a couple of tips to help you highlight that homey feel in every corner of your space. 
A great way to decorate walls is mirrors. They are amazing decorative pieces that allow light and create the perception of a larger space, even if the area is snug.
The Sunset Mirror surface is sunk into the graphic embrace of two palm fronds which makes is a great pick to achieve the feeling of a spacious, reflective embrace.  
Lighting is a very important element to create warmth in a room. 
It’s not just about the illumination itself, it’s more about the mood that the radiance creates. 
The Dusk Dawn Lamp is a great example of a lamp that can create several moods within a space. Whether you choose the table lamp, suspension lamp or floor lamp, you are sure to achieve the depth this source of light is trying to emit from the magical arc of time. 
Don’t settle for anything less than the sensation of HOME, create that warmth today. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.