The 2021 Collection from GHIDINI1961 - Classical Lines, Contemporary Expressions, Comprehensive Catalogue

2021 is a momentous milestone for GHIDINI1961 as we turn five this year. Marking this significance with the 2021 Collection has been a collaboration of creativity, craftsmanship and staying true to our design philosophy of harmonizing classical lines with contemporary expressions and building on our metal-inspired heritage and timeless craftsmanship. 
The 2021 Collection is the next natural step in the evolution of our products portraying a comprehensive and varied assemblage of furniture, lighting and home accessories that are not only metal-inspired but also unique in the way they unravel futuristic design lines, premium artistry and the courageous use of exclusive material.
With the addition of several new interpretations of sofas, armchairs and lighting elements, we are working towards building timeless product lines that will live-on to become generational heirlooms of liveable art. 
“Five new families of sofas are presented, the Milo with its tapered, metal structure; the Dodo with its shortened legs that allow for a very generous and comfortable seat; the Portofino with its classical inspiration and endless contemporary modularity; the Opera with its fluid lines and distinctive rotundity of elements; and the Infinito with its explicit, three-dimensional structure that highlights the quality of the materials through its design, and details.” said Stefano Giovannoni, Art Director of GHIDINI1961. 
“Another important element that belongs to this new collection is the new Native dining table. It is an almost archetypal table, that in its simplicity, in its essentiality is an almost ageless object.” Giovannoni added. 
With our metal-inspired heritage and exceptional production abilities we have added several new metal finishes in bronze, platinum and titanium, to mention a few. We have also incorporated Verde Alpi and Fior di Pesco marbles to portray our artisanal tradition and creative abilities. 
A lot of thought and creativity were put into designs that add a strong sense of individuality to our 2021 collection’s mix. 
Elisa Giovannoni’s Bucket Lounge Chair with its conical shape and aggregated elements, exudes character with its fashionable connotations, where the detail becomes the protagonist. 
Elisa’s Sweet Lounge Chair on the other hand, subtracts material from a full spheroidal shape, as if a large spoon created a seat inside a yeasted cake sculpting its prominent presence. 
Having designer and artist Johanna Grawunder join our team, continues to show the level of collaboration we aim to always bring into the mix. Her work includes large-scale public lighting and color installations, exhibition design, architectural interventions and interiors, and limited-edition furniture and light collections.  Johanna’s creations are included in many museum permanent collections, including the High Museum Atlanta, LACMA, CNAP, SFMOMA, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Art Institute Chicago, Denver Art Museum and Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris.
Johanna has initiated her collaboration with GHIDINI1961 with the creation of a lighting element we named the Can Can.  The Can Can is a multi-directional light element, adjustable for maximum flexibility and effect. It is designed to easily becomes task, accent and ambient light all at once. 
“Year on year, we challenge ourselves from a design and innovation perspective to develop timeless pieces adding to our heterogeneous catalogue of products. We remain true to our heritage of exquisite craftsmanship, creative abilities, and strong expressions of beauty and liveable art.” said Roberto Ghidini, CEO of GHIDINI1961.