Handmade Statement Pieces, Timeless Joy.

What’s the difference between mass production furniture and handmade pieces created by a premium design company such as GHIDINI1961?
We can go on and on about how unique a sofa is or how special a table can be, but really it all balls down to a very simple difference, YOU!
Yes, YOU…
What kind of pieces do you want to use to decorate your home? What is the process behind creating those pieces? What do they represent? And what kind of timeless quality do you want to surround yourself with? 
Those are the questions that we try to answer when we create our pieces of liveable art and that’s why we are so very proud of our handmade stamp when we launch any sofa, chair, table, lighting piece, shelf or cabinet. 
We don’t just cover one part of the premium formula; we include all of it. 
The contemporary design, the premium, handpicked material, the craftsmanship excellence and on top of all that, the passion that we bring to every piece we create through our family business philosophy. 
Our pieces are not just artisanal, they are built to give you timeless joy. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.