Liveable Art that Deserves the Best Retailers.

Curating the best pieces of GHIDINI1961 liveable art requires a certain level of experienced retailers that value the pieces they have at hand with its timeless charm. 
Our retailers have global presence with one common denominator, the love for premium home design and the appetite to bring together the most unique pieces for their exclusive clients. 
With more than eight retailers in North America, two in South America, two in Oceania, twelve in China, six in the rest of Asia, two in the Middle East, five in Africa, and more than 40 throughout Europe, we could not be prouder of our retail partners whom we consider to be an extension of our brand and family values. 
To add a cherry on the top, we are very happy to share that we, now, have our Infinito Sofa displayed at Kasstoor in Amsterdam. 
Kastoor has been offering top design furniture for over hundred years and offers a unique mix of classic and modern furniture and accessories of high-end design brands. 
A lot more retail collaboration to come in the coming months, so stay tuned for more…
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.