The GHIDINI1961, 2021 Elegant Living Guide.

Elegance in 2021 is a process of harmonizing your space with the right pieces of furniture, home décor, accessories and lighting.
When we put together a style proposal for any of our clients, we always follow these steps to ensure we balance the energy of the space with the composition of our pieces for optimal elegance:
1. Assess what you use your space for
In every case, you always need to understand the capacity of your space and tally it with what you will use your space for and how you will use it. 
Living rooms require a totally different approach than dining rooms, and bedrooms need a different level of comfort than the rest of the space altogether. 
2. Choose your pieces carefully
After you assess your space, decide what best fits the aesthetic and function of the room. 
The focus in your bedroom should be on cozy lighting and relaxing lounge chairs, while your living room and hosting spaces should bring more of the bold side of you to share more of your personality with your guests which will allow you to go big with your sofas, tables, and chairs. 
3. Mix and match your colours and pieces 
The last thing you want to do is have a monotonous tone to your space, whether it’s a living, working or relaxing space. So, inject a bit of adventure into your mixing and matching with colours, fabrics, woods, and styles to ensure that you wow even yourself. 
4. Lighting, more lighting, and more lighting 
Nothing says elegance like that final touch of phenomenal illumination. Lighting is one of the most powerful tools that can help you express elegance in your space. 
Whether you choose to go with floor lamps, suspension lamps or table lamps, ensure you pick your lighting to complementing your space and not overtake it. 
Yes, it’s that simple, and in the coming weeks we will be sharing more images on our social media of project visualization that bring this 2021 elegance guide to life. 
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