Store or Display? Shelves for Every Functionality

Your ambience is never complete without that bookshelf or shelving unit. 
Why? The answer is simple…
Although shelves were originally created to store, organize and display items in a space or a household, they have evolved beyond their functionality to form an integral part of any refined look and feel. 
Bookshelves are custodians of knowledge and display shelves are curators of memories, art, pride, and emotions. 
With all that in mind, when we design and craft shelving units at GHIDINI1961, regardless of their emotional or practical functionality, we understand that whatever those shelves hold they have to embrace it with warmth and compliment it with grace. 
If you look at the Frame Shelves, you will see that everything starts from that simple joint which, combined with elegant rounded 45 degrees extrusions, creates perfect corners. 
The organic junctions that create minimal, compact and powerful shelving structures that harness different materials, such as glass, wood and marble to make a perfect storage or display unit. 
The Legs shelves are not different in their elegance and simplicity. 
With a single column that’s made of brass comes the definition of a base and capital that creates columns of classic architecture.
The column multiplies to infinity, is interrupted, and then resumed to hold glass tops, wood or marble and configure even angular shelves, displays and consoles.
Those landscapes of almost infinite possibilities that designers and end users can chose from to organize their space both in domestic and contract situations, are not a coincidence. They are the work of a perfected design process, a choice of premium material and the craftsmanship of superior artisans at GHIDINI1961. 
Let us help you maintain your aesthetic uniformity especially when you organize your life. 
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.