A BOLD Dining Experience

Dining is not just about fine food, great wine and brilliant company; it’s also a lot about the ambience you create to make all the above an experience. 
Today, we chose to highlight our contribution to upscaling any dining experience with our Bold family of tables, chairs, and dining cabinets.
Why did we name this collection The Bold?
Well, simply because it is.
The Bold Family design is unique in shape and craftsmanship. 
They make a bold statement with their generous cylindrical foot, connecting its structural perimeter while delimiting the objects that compose it.
The distinctive metal rims encompassing the tables, the cabinets, and chairs graphically embraces the material with which they are made.
This is beautifully portrayed in the tables, where the marble tabletop matches with the legs in turned marble, or with the chairs featuring leather seats and legs of the same color.
With the massive dimensions and the softness of the fittings, the materials are enhanced in their characteristics creating a sculptural effect and giving a distinct personality to each element of this audacious family. 
With all that distinction in mind, we did not forget about the most important parts of dining. 
Comfort and functionality were at the top of our list of priorities while designing and executing those pieces of liveable art. 
Don’t take our word for it, go ahead, and experience it!
GHIDINI1961 – Brass and Design for Life.