Plumose Rugs

Plumose Rugs

Plumose is a super soft and warm rug. Its smooth, furry long yarns makes you want to lay on it forever.

With a sophisticated color palette it makes every space looks elegant.


Technical Features


New Zealand wool and Tencel.


Hand tufted. The fleece can then be finished by hand to different thicknesses with the use of scissors. The fleece can be held as a “velvet” or a “loop” (small bouclè). At the end of the weaving process, natural latex is poured on the back of the carpet, which gives greater compactness to the structure of the carpet. Finally, a cotton cloth is applied on the back as a finishing touch.

Richard Hutten

Designed by

Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten, Dutch, born in 1967, graduated from The Design Academy Eindhoven in 1991.

That same year he founded his design studio specialised in product and interior design.

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