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Dining – The GHIDINI1961 Style

The huge expansion of our dining collection allowed us to include new dining tables, chairs and cabinets to the great collection we already have. We scaled our 2020-collection to include marvelous new marbles, exceptional woods, creative fabrics, high-end leather and modern metal finishes that add a new twist to the definition of contemporary design. 
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Let’s get technical – Is the Abbracci a couch or a Sofa?

Couch or Sofa? Sofa of Couch?

Does it matter?

A couch originates from the French word “couche” which means “to lie down”, while sofa is derived from the Arabic word “suffah” which means “bench or lounge”.

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GHIDINI1961 - Romancing the Essence of Contemporary Design

In this visual tour of GHIDINI1961's 2020 collection, Stefano Giovannoni will deep dive into our design philosophy.

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Meet The 2020 Collection from GHIDINI1961

Classical Expressions Meet Contemporary Design

Building on our tradition of creating unmatched metal-inspired liveable art; GHIDINI1961 is excited to announce the launch of its 2020 collection of furniture and lighting, adding to our collections of previous years.

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