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The Gioello Family of Mirrors - by Nika Zupanc

Meet the crown jewel of our Mirror Collections, the all new Gioiello mirror. ⁠

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Johanna Grawunder at the GHIDINI1961 HQ

Guess who decided to drop by the GHIDINI1961 HQ today? ⁠
Yep, you got it right!⁠
Johanna Grawunder it is!⁠
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How To Customize Your DoDo Sofa

You can customize the DoDo to fit into any space with its modular flexibility but you can also make it your own by following those steps

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GHIDINI1961 at Quirinal Hill

On the Italian Republic Day of 2019, design went up to the Quirinal Hill for the first time, finding a permanent home in its halls and offices, chapels and gardens; little by little it entered the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano, and symbolically conquered the cliff of Villa Rosebery. 
Arranged with taste in the internal and external spaces, 102 works have significantly contributed to the renewal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic’s residences. 
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