The Art of Living

Richard Hutten - Design, Fun and Inspiration

Meet Richard Hutten, the creative behind some of our most popular products such as the Double O series, the opera tables, the butterfly family of products and a lot more. 


In this interview Richard Hutten shares insights, inspiration and aspirations.




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The Zuan Cabinet - Oriental Minimalism Meets Italian Creativity

The Zuan Large Cabinet is a testament to what oriental minimalism and Italian creativity can bring to life. 

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Let’s Table Elegance.

Tables are not just functional items at your home; they are an experience by themselves. 

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The Infinito Sofa – Endless Modularity & Timeless Elegance.

Lorenza Bozzoli never ceases to amaze us with her ability to bring elegance into every product she designs for GHIDINI1961. However, her ability to translate this contemporary elegance into actual and functional pieces of liveable art is a whole different story altogether. 
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