The Art of Living

Infinito Armchair - Elegant Individuality

Although the Infinito family of sofas is infinite in its customization possibilities, it's totally individual in its presence. ⁠
The Infinito Armchair is a perfect example when it stands out with  elegance and open cut sewing technique. ⁠
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Two Men, One Vision and a Unique GHIDINI1961

When 2 boys grow up to be the fuel behind GHIDINI1961. ⁠
We are sharing more of our CEO, Roberto Ghidini, and his late brother Gianni Ghidini
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The Sweet Chair - To Lounge and Relax

What does it take to combine style and comfort?

The answer is, The Sweet Lounge Chair.

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The Gioiello - Perfection Through Technology

The Gioiello mirrors are inspired by the infinite possibilities of a brass sphere as a single building block, designed to create a collection of objects and their story through repetition and play. 

But how is that level of spheric perfection achieved? 

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