The Art of Living

The GHIDINI1961, 2021 Elegant Living Guide.

Elegance in 2021 is a process of harmonizing your space with the right pieces of furniture, home décor, accessories and lighting.
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Liveable Art that Deserves the Best Retailers.

Curating the best pieces of GHIDINI1961 liveable art requires a certain level of experienced retailers that value the pieces they have at hand with its timeless charm. 
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Handmade Statement Pieces, Timeless Joy.

What’s the difference between mass production furniture and handmade pieces created by a premium design company such as GHIDINI1961? 

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Interview with Lorenza Bozzoli

Watch an in-depth interview with Lorenza Bozzoli as she shares more about her collaboartaion with GHIDINI1961. 

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