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GHIDINI1961 - Romancing the Essence of Contemporary Design

In this visual tour of GHIDINI1961's 2020 collection, Stefano Giovannoni will deep dive into our design philosophy.

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Meet The 2020 Collection from GHIDINI1961

Classical Expressions Meet Contemporary Design

Building on our tradition of creating unmatched metal-inspired liveable art; GHIDINI1961 is excited to announce the launch of its 2020 collection of furniture and lighting, adding to our collections of previous years.

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Lorenza Bozzoli – The Queen of Contemporary Expression.

We have a lot to celebrate as we prepare to launch the GHIDINI1961, 2020 collection. 
Having an Art Director of the caliber of Stefano Giovannoni, requires the addition of an extraordinary designer such as Lorenza Bozzoli to the GHIDINI1961 team of designers. 
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GHIDINI1961 Heritage Fuels The Future of Design

Art that lives on, is what Brescia is all about. It lives on in the streets, the villas, the piazzas, the walls and the museums, and we, at GHIDINI1961 are entrusted with expanding its worldly reach by creating fascinating liveable art pieces that are crafted through Brescia’s history of creation and craftsmanship. 

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