The Art of Living

Evolving Brass – From antique to contemporary

As an alloy woven since antiquity from variant scales of zinc and copper; brass interlaced itself with each and every eon of our existence in distinct functional and creative ways.  
This ageless metal is as versatile as it is sustainable and recyclable which contributed to its appearance in our lives since as early as Neolithic times. 1
The Greeks referred to brass as 'Oreichalcos' and the romans called it 'Aurichalum. They used it to create helmets and ornamental jewelry, as well as its use in homeware and cutlery not only in ancient Rome, but also in Asia. 2  
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Living Is In The Details

Do you ever wonder why we are so passionate about details?
The answer is rather simple. 
We view GHIDINI1961 as not only a lifestyle brand, but a full experience by itself. 
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Richard Hutten Through The Eyes of GHIDINI1961

Up, close and personal with Richard Hutten 

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DESIGN LOVES MILANO Auction 545 - 12th of May 2020

For centuries Italy led the world as the beacon of beauty, design, architecture and art.

What no one expected in March of 2020 is for Italy to lead the world in numbers of people who passed because of a ruthless pandemic that took the world by surprise.

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