The Art of Living

Bookshelves Are Not Just For Libraries…

Be it in our homes or offices, bookshelves encompass so much of our daily life. 
They carry our treasures, memories and knowledge and they organize our space by turning walls into showcases of love, joy enchantment and legacy. 
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GHIDINI1961 Design Squad

Building a world-class design squad to take the contemporary design world by surprise was the very first step we took to realize the concept of GHIDINI1961.


Starting with a visionary like Stefano Giovannoni as our Art Director, the curation of this team required the squad to be out of the ordinary, courageous, bold and quite the design disruptors.

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Defining Luxury

In a world that operates in the grey, we see our positioning as a premium brand in black and white; and this is why…


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Elements that bring our creations to life

In today’s post, we will give you an insider’s look at how we mix, match and harmonize different components with our core metal elements to create contemporary and unique pieces of liveable art.

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